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Digital Bunk Bed Bedding Mockup


New Offering!

Get a design mockup with your chosen fabrics, so that you can see how the bedding will look on your bunk bed!

Since we offer so many fabrics, it can be difficult to chose from single fabric photos alone! For this reason and to help customers visualize their new bunk bed bedding design, we are now offering a digital design mockup created by our graphic designer! You will get:

A digital design mockup to scale with up to 7 fabrics, as seen in the product image. This includes a sham, a throw pillow, the main bunk bed hugger comforter and the hugger comforter reverse pattern. Additionally, you will get to see 3 additional swatches. Once you choose the fabrics and how you want them displayed, you can choose to revise the mockup (2 revisions included) with the same fabrics in different places. For example, maybe you want to swap the fabrics for the sham and the comforter.

Pro tip: Want to see and feel the fabrics in person before purchasing? Order physical fabric swatches for your bunk bed bedding!