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Toddler Tailored Hugger Comforters



We offer hugger comforters for toddlers!  Hugger or fitted comforters are comforters that are tailored, or boxed at the two bottom corners and they are custom made to fit the depth of a toddler (crib size) mattress.  These are really great for little ones who are just learning to make their own beds.  No more tears and frustration.  Your toddler will feel the success of being a “big kid!”  Pair this with our inseparable sheets for easy peasy bed making!

Your toddler hugger can be made out of any of our kids fabrics.  Just look on our website until you find one you like.  Then, state your chosen pattern in the text box below.  We will confirm your choice with an email confirmation, including the image of your chosen fabric.

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